Flood & Fire Damage

Flood & Fire Damage

Have you had the misfortune of a fire or flood in your home or business premises? We’re sorry to hear it! Fire and flood damage in your home or business can be a traumatic experience. There is first the shock of the event and then the mounting realisations of the damage caused, both to priceless items like precious belongings and to property. There is also often a drawn-out process of submitting claims to insurers and slowly picking up the pieces.

Of course, whether it’s flood of fire damage, the floors of the affected areas of your home or business are almost always affected. They can often look badly damaged, perhaps beyond repair, and the victims of fire or flood will include them onto their list of insurance claims without much thought.

However, with an expert tile cleaning and grouting service like Clean Slate Australia, you’d be surprised at the kind of damage tiles can sustain and still be brought back from the brink! Tiles are a robust material, able to withstand both water damage and high levels of heat damage, before they are truly dysfunctional. Often discolouration on the tiles will be superficial and our specialty grout repair service can make sure your tiles are better than new!

Save on your insurance claim today! Why not start with a clean slate? You’ll be amazed at what Clean Slate Australia can do for you.

Flood & Fire Damage

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