Pool surrounds

Pool surrounds

Summer is coming, and you and the family are looking forward to getting back in the pool. You’ve had many fun times around the pool. It’s a great place to entertain the kids and guests. In the evenings, it can look quite beautiful under the moonlight.

However, the first weekend you’ve come out, there’s a problem. Have your pool tiles become badly stained over the winter? There is unsightly dirt and stubborn mould and, worst of all, you’ve found that your best elbow grease can’t remove the stains. Don’t worry – we can help!

Here at Clean Slate, we have all the expertise to easily and efficiently restore your tiles back to their original condition. You can enjoy the best of your tiles, lounging round the pool. With our very affordable prices, there’s no need to delay!

If you want a service that understands tiles, get Clean Slate.

Pool surrounds

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